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Green Hydrogen Course


Course title: Green Hydrogen Course

Format: Online

Date: 26 a 30 de junio


Language: ingles

Course objectives

Green hydrogen has the potential to be a key enabler in the global transition to sustainable energy and net-zero-emission economies. Green hydrogen is defined as hydrogen produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity. This is a very different pathway compared to both grey and blue. Accordingly it is the aim of Port Training institute to transfer knowledge to the future generations as a sustainable energy source specially for the global shipping fleets to enhance eco life and minimize emissions.

Who it is aimed at

For all port workers.


Factors Hampering on Sustainability and Use of Green Hydrogen
IMO Conventions
The Decarburization of the planet as one of the objetives that countries around the world have set themselves for 2050
The Green Hydrogen as a Future Global Energy Source
Green Hydrogen as a Sustainable Power Source
Impact og Green Hydrogen on Upgrading World Sustainability
Sources of Green Hydrogen
The Green Hydrogen markets
Natural Gas Industry
Green Hydrogen Application for Sustainable Shipping Fleets and Ports

Teaching team

Professionals belonging to Port Authorities, Universities, Public Administrations and private companies in the port-logistic sector.

Course data

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