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Maritime container safety


This publication covers a general view regarding freight container safety through various chapters. The first one analyses a container’s design by paying important attention to its weak points and thereafter reviews the international regulations and their Spanish adaptations. It is logical to think that the most thorough examinations performed on a container are carried out while it is empty, therefore the second chapter is focused on the operational side of empty containers. The third and final chapter talks about the figure of the empty container depot as one of the places chosen by the container users and owners to carry out their own examinations and maintenance operations.

It is noteworthy that the first chapter called “The Container” was written with the intention of being used as a practical manual, from both a technical point of view for the professionals dedicated to container maintenance, as for those who normally work with containers but do not maintain a direct physical nor visual contact with them. For the latter ones, it will come in as a handy tool for answering doubts at certain moments and also for understanding the complex procedures when it comes to repairing.

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