Cruise Ships And Tourism View projects Cruise tourism is an ever-growing sector in the MED area, with Valencia being one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean area for tourists and cruise passengers. These flows of cruise passengers affect both port operations and the city, generating an impact on the end destination that entails positive effects—especially in economic terms—but also negative ones. It is essential to understand the latter and attempt to minimize them.

As such, Fundación Valenciaport pays special attention to the objective of improving the port-city relationship by fostering the development of the Port of Valencia in balance with its natural and urban environment. To that end, in collaboration with the main institutions linked to tourism and the cruise industry, it studies, analyses and defines measures that contribute to enhancing the city's attractiveness to tourists, while meeting the criterion of environmental sustainability.
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Urban Logistics and Mobility View projects Urban transport, of both freight and passengers, has a major impact on cities in terms of pollution, noise and congestion. As logistics nodes, ports generate a high level of economic and social activity; however, they have an impact on cities, not only because of the freight traffic associated with port movements, but also because of the mobility of people related to port activity.

Against this backdrop, Fundación Valenciaport collaborates with the main entities that have the capacity to establish policies to improve the port-city interface, reduce externalities and ultimately contribute to the target of zero emissions by 2050 set by the European Commission. In particular, within this area of activity, work is being done to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the distribution of freight and mobility of people, thereby contributing to a better quality of life for citizens.
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CSR View projects One of the keys to strengthening the future viability of any organization is its integration into its physical and social surroundings. Companies, as the main agents galvanizing the economy, and by extension society, should carry out their activity incorporating the principles and values of the community they serve, and helping to resolve the concerns of the society that sustains them.

Fundación Valenciaport forms part of the main professional and expert networks in social responsibility, where it works to promote best practices, while maintaining an ongoing dialogue with related public administrations, aimed at understanding the future developments and trends that should guide successful management in both public and private companies.

Fundación Valenciaport has extensive experience in advising companies and organizations on social responsibility, ensuring that the strategy is tailored to the profile of the entity in question and to the objectives it shares with its key stakeholders.
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New Professional Profiles View projects The human factor continues to be a determining element in becoming more productive. It is therefore necessary to prepare today the professional profiles that must gather our legacy tomorrow and develop the necessary skills, in accordance with the new professional competences, in such a way as to enhance the professional and social development of all these people, while at the same time meeting the needs of the productive system.

The Fundación Valenciaport has participated in various European projects identifying new skills and professional profiles and developing modular training to achieve the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out professional activity in accordance with the demands of production and employment.
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