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The Fundación Valenciaport is participating in the MOSES project, which aims to improve the SSS component of the European container supply chain

  • The MOSES project involves seventeen partners from seven countries and has a budget of over 8,000,000 euros.
  • Within the framework of this project will be tested an electric hybrid feeder for SSS traffic, an autonomous system for ship manoeuvring and docking (MOSES AutoDock) and a digital platform (MOSES platform) aimed at matching the demand and supply of cargo volumes.

Valencia – 14.07.20. This morning the kick-off meeting of the MOSES project (AutoMated Vessels and Supply Chain Optimisation for Sustainable Short SEa Shipping) took place, an initiative co-financed by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme that has brought together seventeen partners from seven countries with the common objective of improving the modal split of Short Sea Shipping (SSS) in the European container supply chain.

This project, led by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and in which the Fundación Valenciaport is participating, has a total budget of more than 8,000,000 euros and is scheduled to be completed within 36 months, ending in June 2023.

MOSES will significantly improve the SSS component of the European container supply chain, addressing the vulnerabilities and stresses associated with the operation of large container ships. MOSES will follow a two-pronged strategy, reducing the total berthing time of TEN-T hub ports and stimulating the use of SSS feeder services to small ports (hub and spoke traffic) that have limited or no infrastructure.

To achieve its objectives, MOSES will implement the following innovations:

– A hybrid electric feeder, for SSS traffic, designed to accommodate cases where ports do not have loading/unloading facilities. The feeder will be equipped with a robotic container handling system that is self-sufficient in terms of loading and unloading of containers and improves the operational capacity of small ports.

– An autonomous ship manoeuvring and docking system (MOSES AutoDock) which will provide operational independence from the availability of port nautical services (pilot, tugs and mooring).

– A digital platform (MOSES platform) designed to link the demand and supply of cargo volumes (shippers, forwarders, shipping companies, ports). The platform will use machine learning and big data (availability of modes, cargo volumes and delivery times) to maximize SSS traffic.

The final result of the project will be a complete redesign of the port operation based on the feeder operation with own means of container handling and not depending on the availability of pilots or tugs to enter the port. With regard to the participation of the Fundación Valenciaport, its main role will be to analyse how port operations will be affected and to identify any modifications that need to be made to the ship/port notification systems, container terminal operations, hybrid ship battery loading systems, as well as to study the cargo flows between the port of Valencia and medium-sized ports. 

MOSES is an ambitious project that entails an important innovation potential in the context of the adoption of SSS in Europe. Its innovation potential covers both the ship design aspects and the software tools and corresponding governance models to improve the associated logistics processes. By bridging the gap between scientific, industrial, naval, logistics and port operations fields, MOSES offers a fertile ground for sharing the skills and know-how that drive technology transfers and embody real synergies between partners.

MOSES has seventeen partners: National Technical University Of Athens – Ntua (coordinator); Engitec Systems International Limited; Core Innovation and Technology OE; Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno; Stichting Maritiem Research Instituut Nederland; Elliniki Enosi Plioktiton Rimoulkon, Nayagosostikon, Antiripantikon Kai Plion Ipostirixis Iperaktion Egkatastaseon; Danaos Shipping Company Limited; Fundación Valenciaport; Dnv Gl Hellas Sa; Astilleros de Santander SA; Piraeus Container Terminal Single Member SA; Dimotiko Limeniko Tameio Mykonou; Naytiliakes Metaforikes Kai Epikoinoniakes Epixeiriseis Seability Epe; Trelleborg Ridderkerk BV; Circle Spa; Macgregor Sweden Ab and Prozero International Aps.

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