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ASECAM and the Fundación Valenciaport sign an agreement to collaborate in training activities

Valencia – 11.09.20. The Camp de Morvedre Business Association (ASECAM) and the Fundación Valenciaport signed a collaboration agreement this Friday, 11th September, between both entities for training, dissemination, information, cooperation and research in the areas of economic promotion, foreign trade, transport and logistics, with special reference to environmental sustainability, digitalisation and collaborative economy as trends that drive economic and social development.

The document was signed by the President of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) and the Fundación Valenciaport, Aurelio Martínez, and by the representative of the region’s business entity, Cristina Plumed. This agreement will be valid for two years, but can be automatically extended for successive periods of the same duration as the initial one.

“Our relationship with the APV has always been very good and we have collaborated in informative workshops on the port’s own activity and its future challenges. Now, with the signing of this agreement we will be able to hold various conferences, not only in the area of environmental sustainability, but in many other areas thanks to the specialists who form part of the Fundación Valenciaport and who will be able to advise us and share their knowledge”, said the President of ASECAM, Cristina Plumed.

Therefore, in this document the parties undertake to cooperate in the holding of conferences, courses, seminars and/or sessions of an informative or training nature, the development of which will serve to fulfil the aims and interests of ASECAM and the Valenciaport Foundation, as well as to disseminate relevant information and/or information of interest to the other party, and to carry out the necessary dissemination actions of the events held jointly, which will serve the aims established in the agreement, by means of the dissemination channels that the parties have at their disposal, the main one being considered to be the electronic medium.

Likewise, this agreement will allow the contribution with the equipment and specific technical means in each case for the generation of knowledge and the development of research actions in matters related to the scope of application of this agreement, in addition to carrying out any other actions considered of mutual interest, within the availability, aims of the parties and activities that constitute the object of this agreement.

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