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TransBase Soler looks for the container of the future with Opentop, Valenciaport’s innovation hub

Valencia, 11 July 2022. – The logistics sector has long been facing a permanent challenge due to the flow of empty containers and the corresponding environmental impact this causes.

TransBase Soler, a Spanish logistics company specialized in maritime container operations since 1972, is fully aware of this challenge and invests efforts to continuously update and solve this challenge.

Its latest bet is the proposal of this same challenge “Towards the container of the future” in the framework of the I Call for startup incubation of Opentop, the innovation hub of Valenciaport, which will remain open until July 31.

The challenge of TransBase Soler

Currently there are ports and countries that for various reasons are mainly producers and exporters of goods, while others are merely importers. This situation causes a large flow of containers in only one direction, causing a commercial imbalance and the need to reposition a large volume of empty containers to the producing countries.

Alfredo Soler Martínez, Chief Executive Officer of TransBase Soler, explains the need to work on the container of the future, which has barely evolved since its creation: “a circular economy will be achieved by minimizing polluting emissions to the maximum, solving the problem of congestion in ports, which is becoming more important every day, and greatly reducing logistics costs in maritime transport”.

For this reason, the company joins Opentop to pursue and promote projects and pre-seeded startups that have the knowledge and technology necessary to make the container of the future a reality.

The challenge is open to new container concepts based on new, smart, more efficient, single-use, recyclable and sustainable materials. New manufacturing and recycling processes (e.g. 3D printing), compatible with the principles of the circular economy and with a greater reduction of the carbon footprint with respect to the life cycle of current containers, are also contemplated.

The 1st Opentop Incubation Call for Proposals

Opentop, the open innovation hub led by the Valenciaport Foundation, in collaboration with Telefónica Open Future, has recently launched the call for its 1st Startup Incubation Program.

For this call, Opentop presents, in addition to the challenge of TransBase Soler, three other challenges in the logistics-port sector.

One of the challenges has been proposed by the Port Authority of Valencia, which seeks to attract ports and citizens through gamification. The other two challenges are Opentop’s own, the first one with the objective of moving towards a zero net emissions port, and the second one with the objective of improving the exchange of information between the agents of the logistics chain.

The call is open until July 31, and all information and registration can be accessed through its website:

Participants who pass the selection process will enjoy a personalized incubation program of three months, from the hand of Telefónica Open Future: access to the best experts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the cluster of companies of the Port of Valencia to validate their projects and investment opportunities by key stakeholders in the industry.

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