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Opentop launches the III Valenciaport Hackathon

València, June 5, 2023.  Opentop, the initiative of the Fundación Valenciaport, in collaboration with Telefónica Open Future, has launched the III Valenciaport Hackathon, an event to be held between June 30 and July 2, in face-to-face mode, which will seek to obtain innovative and creative solutions that improve performance and sustainability for the industry.

The III Valenciaport Hackathon, which has the collaboration of Navis, Infoport València, APM Terminals València, The Whiteam, Aruba and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will include 3 challenges related to the optimization of the container and last minute price, the optimization of the generation, distribution and management of renewable energies for the decarbonization of the port, and the search for innovative solutions for the liquefaction of biomethane on a small scale in port environments; challenges proposed by Romeu, Autoridad Portuaria de València and Naturgy, respectively.

This initiative, which is aimed at companies and corporations as well as students, entrepreneurs and professionals of the sector, offers as main prize an economic endowment of 3,000 euros, granted by the Juan Arizo Serrulla Foundation (FJAS), and a second prize of 1,000 euros provided by the association of logistics managers and businessmen Propeller València.

For three days, participants will be able to develop innovative solutions in response to the challenges posed, with the advice and support of expert mentors in ports and foreign trade from the organizers entities, Telefónica Open Future and the Fundación Valenciaport.

In addition to gaining professional visibility before large corporations in the sector, participants will receive master classes from specialists, work in teams formed by participants with different skills, and develop important skills such as Design Thinking, testing, SWOT analysis, development of Business Model Canvas, development and defense of pitch before a professional jury.

During the grand final, the participating teams will present their proposals to a jury composed of the organizers and collaborators of the III Valenciaport Hackathon, which will select the two winning proposals.

The III Port of Valencia Hackathon will combine the academic knowledge and talent of the participants with the know-how of the port logistics community to promote the sustainable development of smart ports. The III edition of this Opentop event is consolidated as an extraordinary opportunity for the Spanish innovation ecosystem that inspires the port logistics industry to turn their ideas into concrete solutions.

The registration period is already open after the official presentation of the III Hackathon Valenciaport and will close next June 29.

The Challenges:

– Container optimization and last minute pricing (challenge proposed by Romeu)

Romeu is looking for a solution to optimize the use of containers on regular lines, detecting empty spaces in advance and offering them to potentially interested customers in each case, at the optimal price in order to complete the loading of containers, increasing the profitability of transport and ensuring a more responsible use that reduces the environmental impact of transport.

For this and other objectives, the company is committed to data-driven innovation, making decisions and taking actions based on information.

Therefore, participants will have access to data from operations of the last 5 years, quotations and self-quotations and web actions.

· Innovative solutions for small-scale biomethane liquefaction in port environments (Naturgy challenge)

Naturgy seeks to improve small-scale liquefaction of biomethane produced from near-port resources such as rice paddies. To address this challenge, an efficient and cost-effective process needs to be developed to convert biomethane to liquid form, facilitating its storage, transport and use in a variety of applications.

In the context of the port and nearby resources, this means looking for a solution that is suitable for local production of biomethane in relatively small quantities, such as those generated by rice fields near the port.

Therefore, participants will have access to data on: current demand and trend for LNG as a marine fuel, regulatory environment for decarbonization in the marine sector, environmental benefits of replacing existing LNG with BioLNG, data on biomethane production, data on different origins for biogas production, technology for biomethane enrichment, technical data on liquefaction, port infrastructure data, economic and market data, and environmental and sustainability data.

· Optimizing renewable energy generation, distribution and management for the decarbonization of the port (challenge proposed by the Port Authority of València).

The Port Authority of València (APV) seeks to explore new ways to optimize the management of renewable energy and its distribution in the port area. The aim is to maximize the use of clean energy sources, such as solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, and to ensure an efficient distribution of the energy generated.

The main objectives of this challenge posed by the APV are focused on finding innovative ideas, suitable for the port environment, that allow it to incorporate renewable energy production for use in non-conventional applications, find the most appropriate options for energy storage, and define how the tools or platforms or management systems should be for the different energy sources (at least wind, photovoltaic, storage, etc.), their measurement, distribution, storage and economic, social and environmental impact.

The rules of the call, the detailed description of the challenges, and the application form are available through the web:

Sede APV - Edificio III, Avda. del Muelle del Turia, s/n
46024, Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: +34 96 393 94 00


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