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The Fundación Valenciaport organises a pilot test of video surveillance with drones in the Port of Valencia

  • This pilot project, in which the technology companies Eurecat, GMV, Sistemática, Topview and Deep Blue have also participated, is part of the activities of the European PASSPORT project.

Valencia, 19 October 2023. – The pilot test of the PASSPORT project was held today in the facilities of the Port of Valencia, an initiative that aims to improve the security of European ports by complementing existing navigation systems, through the collection of data and advanced real-time visualisation of the traffic of ships and boats thanks to the use of drones.

The aim of this pilot test, which has been organised by the Fundación Valenciaport, in collaboration with the technology companies Eurecat, GMV, Sistemática, Topview and Deep Blue, was to show and validate the information collected by the drones, which are capable of identifying different types of vessels (cruise ships, ro-ro, container ships, etc. ) as well as other floating objects (buoys, small pleasure boats, jet skis, and other vessels that do not have an automatic identification system) to train artificial intelligence algorithms. This identification is essential to ensure the safety and regulation of maritime traffic in the port area.

During the test, different technologies were used to enhance the effectiveness of the video surveillance drones, such as visual, 360º and thermal cameras, inertial sensors and GNSS receivers.

Another objective of the pilot test has been to provide that information identified in real time and in detail on all the traffic present in the waters of the port. Through the implementation of the PASSPORT system, the aim is to collect and provide accurate data to enable more efficient decision making and more effective planning of risk prevention measures. This information is of great use in improving safety in the port and optimising operations.


PASSPORT is a project coordinated by the Italian technology-based company Sistemática, in which the Fundación Valenciaport is actively participating, and which has a total budget of around 2.8 million euros, co-financed by the H2020 Programme.

Its main objective is to respond to the needs expressed by port authorities, maritime authorities and border control authorities to improve the security of all European ports. The proposal is complementary to already operational platforms and extends the surveillance perimeter through the use of a fleet of drones providing operational support to security and complies with Directive 2005/65/EC on enhancing port security.

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