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First PIN event celebrated: hub network created by Opentop, The PIER and homePORT

  • homePORT, the innovation hub of the Port of Hamburg organizes the first of the “PINSight” sessions that the hub network will hold on a regular basis
  • The Port Innovators Network (PIN) seeks to drive the adoption of innovation in the global port ecosystem

Valencia, February 27th 2024.- The first Port Innovators Network (PIN) event, PINsight, organized by homePORT in Hamburg in cooperation with Digital Hub Logistics, took place on Thursday 22 February, 2024.

The Port Innovators Network (PIN) is a global network of innovation hubs for ports, which aims to drive the adoption of innovation in the global port system by connecting communities of innovation hubs, such as startups, entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, universities and investors, to share innovative ideas, project results, innovation experiences, methodologies and best practices.

The first of the PINsight, which will be held periodically, allowed attendees to connect with other innovators in the international port industry and learn about the latest trends and developments in the field.

Following this first hybrid event, a second session will be hosted by The PIER in Halifax on 20 March 2024, continuing this series of events in Opentop, Valencia, on 24 April 2024.

PINSight Hamburg Chapter

In this first session, the PIN network was officially presented as a platform that will facilitate the growth of new technologies and solutions in port environments on a global scale.

The organization emphasized PIN’s objectives of linking port innovation hubs and their communities; providing port test spaces, workspaces and collaborative platforms to be used as technology testbeds; fostering innovation and collaboration between network members; sharing best practices in collaboration between ports and their members; disseminating members’ innovation challenge calls within the respective communities and participating together in selected port innovation events.

There are many way to join Port Innovators Network: as port innovation hub initiated by a port authority or port operator, you can directly join as PIN member; as other innovation hubs from other sectors or with generic purpose, you can join as associate member; and as startups, technology companies, investors, corporates and university researchers, you can join the local hubs of your choice and through the membership you will be able to access the PIN Network.

After the detailed presentation of PIN, Caroline Nüsse , Business Development Manager at shipzero, gave a presentation on how to measure and reduce emissions in the global transport chain and how to leverage this to develop a new business model.

Afterwards, there was an opportunity for networking among the attendees to generate opportunities in the ecosystem.

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