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Fundación Valenciaport and the iTEAM institute of the Universitat Politècnica de València team up to develop a cutting-edge 5G laboratory

  • The 5G lab will represent a significant step forward in the expansion of Fundación Valenciaport’s infrastructure, providing comprehensive support for its port-logistics innovation projects.
  • The initiative will drive the development of mobile communications, advanced computing, digital twins, immersive applications and other next-generation technologies.

Valencia, June 3rd, 2024. – Fundación Valenciaport has started working on the development of an innovative 5G mobile communications laboratory (5G+ VLCPortLab) together with the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

In recent years, both entities have collaborated in numerous research projects at regional, national and European level, exploring the capabilities of next-generation communication technologies in port environments in order to implement new applications and use cases in the Port of Valencia.

Precisely, this laboratory will be established as a test bench specialised in validating cutting-edge applications in port environments, such as augmented reality, remote control of robots and holographic communications, among other technologies. These tests will be carried out, on the one hand, in an environment controlled by the UPV and, later, in the real environment of the port; something that will boost its levels of technological maturity.

The laboratory will be composed of a shared infrastructure, located both in the Port of Valencia and in the UPV, which will connect both entities by means of a dedicated high capacity fibre optic connection.

The 5G+ VLCPortLab will represent a significant step forward in the expansion of Fundación Valenciaport’s infrastructure, providing comprehensive support to ongoing projects within the port environment. Projects such as the European initiative IMAGINE B5G, in which emergency and security use cases will be tested; and the national projects of the UNICO 5G R&D plan Advancing 5G Digital Twins, with which real-time digital twin pilots will be carried out, or the 5GNACAR of the UNICO 5G Sectorial plan, focused on the intelligent management of the 5G network.

Conceived as a driving agent for future innovation projects, the Fundación Valenciaport and iTEAM 5G Lab will have a major impact on the expansion of several areas, such as mobile communications, advanced computing, digital twins and other cutting-edge developments. Furthermore, its establishment will pave the way for Fundación Valenciaport to collaborate with companies and organisations in the research and development of cutting-edge applications and systems.

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