The aim of the 5GNaCAR project is to boost the adoption of new services enabled by 5G and 5G+ networks by implementing APIs (Application Programming Interface) that facilitate their integration into various market sectors more quickly and effectively. To achieve this, a detailed analysis of reference use cases will be carried out to identify areas where significant progress can be made and to propose the necessary innovations for each of them.

These APIs (NaC APIs) will enable the effective deployment of the new 5G and 5G+ network facilities much faster and in a variety of sectors, significantly accelerating their integration by not requiring extensive specialised knowledge in mobile networks.

In this way, 5G NSA and SA mobile networks can be operated to offer a customised service level approach for vertical sectors, enabling a new level of automation, innovation and service agility.

5GNaCAR will focus primarily on AI as part of its APIs, focusing on research into AI architectures and algorithms that will facilitate at a later stage the development of effective products with commercial end devices and existing (5G) and next-generation (6G) communications networks.

The objective of the project will therefore be the identification, evaluation, implementation and testing of such algorithms and the design of a complete end-to-end platform capable of executing them in real time and efficiently. The platform will not only allow the development of the project’s broad set of use cases, but will also introduce other use cases by new developers.

In the case of Fundación Valenciaport, it will work on the definition of the project’s requirements and application capabilities in the Port of Valencia, as well as on the analysis of the 5G+ network architecture, CORE, MEC, etc., and will also be responsible for the execution of the test and measurement campaign in Valenciaport.



DATE: Enero 2023 - Enero 2025


CONTACT: Miguel Llop Chabrera
Director ofDigital Transformation

Sede APV - Edificio III, Avda. del Muelle del Turia, s/n
46024, Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: +34 96 393 94 00



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