The YEP-MED project aims to develop port-logistics training and vocational (TVET) resources adapted to sector needs to strengthen youth employability; increase and upgrade local employment opportunities through the creation of real dual-learning programmes with job placements, strengthening the role of SME’s operating in the port ecosystems for future employment creation; and setting up collaborative national and transnational partnerships between port-logistics associations, operators, SMEs, training centres and VET providers, whilst introducing a PPP (public private partenariat) co-management process.

Ten partners from seven countries (Spain, Italy, France, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan) bordering the Mediterranean have joined the project, which on amount of 3,000,000 euros of funds for its development, will work towards a better preparation of skills required by the port-logistics labour market.

YEP MED aims at better matching the labour market skills needs generated by the port logistics, a sector with high growth potential, with the TVET offer in order to new jobs for young people by:

  1. Developing Port-logistics training and vocational (TVET) resources adapted to sector needs to strengthen youth, specially neets and women, employability;
  2. Increase and upgrade local employment opportunities through the creation of real dual learning programs with job placement, strengthening the role of SME’s operating in the Ports ecosystem for future employment creation;
  3. Setting up collaborative national and transnational Partnerships between Port logistics associations, operators, SME’s training centers and VET providers, introducing a PPP co-management process.

The YEP MED approach is flexible and focuses on updating and adapting existing dual TVET programmes in several Mediterranean countries targeting three areas with skills shortage: Foreign Trade (commercial English, incoterms, intermodal transport), Environment (Marpol, energetic transition) and Port Logistic operations areas (port terminal; logistic areas and port operators).

The YEP MED will bring a real change in the Partner Ports environment by:

  • Adapting training to the sector real needs and allowing acquisition of skills to succeed in the work context: 9 adapted dual TVET curricula, training of 4.650 NEETS and women.
  • Strengthening ability of Port Authorities and training centres to combine training and job placement: collaborating with at least 600 companies in 7 countries of the ENI area, of which 490 will receive subgrants for job placement and employment generation.
  • Increasing employment rates of young people and women and offering a real possibility to work within personalized mentoring (Training centres) and tutor programs (SME’s staff). 420 NEETS and women will find a job.

However YEP MED wants to set the path towards a more adapted TVET to labour market. It will establish a permanent collaboration scheme between TVET providers, private sector and public administrations both at local and international level. This is the main expected change at the long term, as it will both ensure the Project sustainability and can help shaping future TVET and employment legislation.

Outputs and results in Valencia for YEP MED will be:

  • Design of operational skills matching methodology
  • Design of 1 new curricula materials
  • 9 training courses (3 per year) a total 45 training days and mentoring program
  • Implementing dual training programs (Apprenticeships) for 582 trainees (53 of them will find a job)

Subgrants (62) for job placement and employment generation


European Commission, ENI Programme

DATE: September 2020 - September 2023

LOCATION: Spain, Italy, France,Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan


CONTACT: Ana Rumbeu
Training Director

Sede APV - Edificio III, Avda. del Muelle del Turia, s/n
46024, Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: +34 96 393 94 00


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