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Fundación Valenciaport launches a new advisory service on pandemic management in ports

Valencia – 09.09.2021. Keeping ports functioning during a pandemic is vitally important. Ports ensure that medical supplies, food, fuel, raw materials and manufactured goods, as well as vital components for maintaining employment, continue to reach their intended destinations.

In this context, Fundación Valenciaport, always attentive to the needs of the sector, has launched a new advisory service on the management of pandemics in ports whose main objective is to provide port managers with a global and precise vision of the situation so that they know exactly what they are facing and how to act in the event of the possible spread of infectious diseases in the port area.

This technical assistance, aimed at port authorities, private port management companies, port operators and agents, as well as representatives of the Ministries of Transport, Health and Trade, among others, will promote port resilience to pandemics.

Some of the specific objectives of this service are: to keep ports safe and operational during pandemics by improving pandemic response and decision making and developing protocols, action plans, etc.; to implement standards, guidelines, metrics, tools and methodologies to facilitate the flow of goods and services; to provide stakeholders with innovative and user-friendly IT tools to complement EU systems; and to advise ports and port community stakeholders on the use of remote technologies with a focus on teleworking positions.


The technical assistance lasts 19 weeks and the work is structured in three phases: Phase 1 – Diagnosis and analysis of the risk situation vs. port operations; Phase 2 – Definition of action and contingency plans and Phase 3 – Proposal and implementation of best “good practices”.

More information on the programme:

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