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The Fundación Valenciaport presents the results of the next generation IoT project INGENIOUS

  • The final event was held last week at the premises of the UPV (project coordinator).
  • Some of the initiatives developed in the project include the remote control of machinery using 5G; the real-time monitoring of a dry container and the use of AI models.

Valencia, 13 July 2023. – Last week was held the final event of the European project INGENIOUS, an initiative in which the Fundación Valenciaport has actively participated and whose main objective was to help optimise the logistics of port facilities, combining 5G technology with other solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Blockchain.

During this meeting, held at the facilities of the Universitat Politècnica de València (coordinator of the project), the main results of the initiative were presented, including the installation, in the Port of Valencia, of a private 5G network that has made it possible to study the feasibility of remote control of machinery (with self-guided vehicles) with the aim of improving safety in port operations.

Another of the activities carried out within the framework of this project was the monitoring of a dry container, using terrestrial and satellite communications, in which parameters such as location, temperature, humidity and door opening were measured throughout the multimodal transport.This monitoring, developed in collaboration with Cosco Shipping Lines Spain, provides information on the goods in real time throughout the journey, which is very useful for the different agents involved in the transport.

Thanks to INGENIOUS, AI models have also been developed to improve the global vision of the situation of the ports in terms of traffic congestion and performance. One of the models to be highlighted focuses on correcting the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of ships, significantly increasing its accuracy. In addition, another of the models developed is focused on predicting the dwell time of lorries within the port, crucial information for the planning of land operations.

According to Joan Meseguer, Project Manager of Fundación Valenciaport, this project represents “a very significant advance in the digitalisation and automation of the logistics chain, always with the aim of optimising the logistics chain, safety and environmental sustainability”.

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