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Fundación Valenciaport participates in the THEMIS 5.0 Project, a pioneering initiative in Artificial Intelligence

Proyecto THEMSI
  • THEMIS 5.0, is launched with the mission to create a more transparent and understandable AI landscape
  • The programme has a budget of almost 3 million co-funded by the Horizon Europe programme

Valencia, 08 November 2023. Yesterday, the kick-off meeting of the THEMIS 5.0 Project was held in Athens (Greece), an initiative whose ultimate goal is to revolutionise the way we all interact and perceive Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The THEMIS 5.0 project, led by the Italian technology company and in which Fundación Valenciaport is participating, has a total budget of nearly 3 million euros co-funded by the Horizon Europe programme and managed by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

THEMIS 5.0 will provide people with tools to assess the reliability of AI solutions in order to improve these systems. Specifically, THEMIS proposes a chatbot or educational conversational agent that will guide users through the process of evaluating AI solutions, bringing together developers, providers and users, and empowering them to jointly create responsible, ethical and trustworthy systems. This approach is in line with Europe’s commitment to promote cutting-edge, socially responsible, ethical and sustainable innovation.

The main objectives of THEMIS 5.0 include increasing transparency, demystifying AI algorithms and making it easier for users to understand how AI decisions are made. In addition, it seeks to promote accountability by encouraging users to question AI systems and to detect biases and problematic aspects.

It also strives to maximise personalisation and ethical integration, allowing users to incorporate their values and norms into AI systems, which creates personalised experiences and ensures that AI conforms to their ethical standards. Finally, THEMIS 5.0 seeks to foster continuous improvement by providing developers and vendors with valuable information that enables them to improve and refine AI solutions.

Hara Stefanou, project coordinator at Maggioli, said: “THEMIS 5.0 is a ground-breaking project that is a giant step towards more transparent and reliable AI. By enabling users to actively participate in AI decision-making processes, we are giving them the tools to shape AI according to their values and expectations.”

Fundación Valenciaport will actively participate in the project through the requirements analysis and conceptual modelling of the ecosystem, the creation of principles and methodologies for human-centred development and the development of a pilot in the Port of Valencia.

The THEMIS consortium

The THEMIS 5.0 consortium consists of 16 partners representing 8 countries: Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Norway and the United Kingdom.

In addition to Maggioli and Fundación Valenciaport, the project includes the participation of IBM France, University of Southampton (UoS), SINTEF, Athens Technology, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Institute of Communication and Computer (ICCS), Information Catalyst (ICE), 21c Consultancy, Danish Board of Technology (DBT), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL), Institouto Filosofias Kai Technologias Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Etaireia (IPT), Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency (ANA) and Meditcinsky Universitet-Plovdiv (MUP).

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