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Opentop startups Canonical Green and We Are Lab obtain grants from the City Council of Valencia worth €93,000 each

  • The startups, participants in Opentop’s programs, were selected to receive a grant of up to 93,362.84€ each
  • The Opentop team presented, advised and accompanied the applications of both startups, which were finally awarded the grant
  • The grants are focused on the development of innovation projects oriented to the climate mission València 2030

Valencia, 5th december 2023.- Canonical Green and We Are Lab, startups that are part of the Opentop ecosystem, have been selected to receive the grant of up to 93,362.84€ each from the City Council of Valencia for the development of innovation projects oriented to the climate mission València 2030.

Opentop, an initiative of Fundación Valenciaport in collaboration with Wayra, Telefónica’s open innovation unit, has been promoting startups at different stages of maturity related to the port logistics sector for the past two years.

As part of its activity, Opentop provides support to all companies that become part of its ecosystem with a help and advice service to access funding and grants, both private and public.

Last week, the Innovation Delegation of the València City Council celebrated its VIII Innovation Awards and Grants Missions València 2030 at the innovation center Las Naves.

An event in which the delivery of grants to 12 innovation projects to combat climate change was made official. Of the total amount of 1,000,000 euros in grants, the startups Canonical Green and We Are Lab will receive 93,000 euros each to further develop and expand their activity.

In this way, from the Delegation of Innovation, innovation is directed towards the domains of impact and action to achieve its success and generate an impact on improving the lives of people living in the city.

The activities of We Are Lab and Canonical Green

We Are Lab is developing an initiative for the restoration of Posidonia oceanica in one of the three ports of the Port Authority of Valencia. The method used is the installation of 3D printed artificial reefs. They have been developing this solution with the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies (IMEDEA-CSIC) for 4 years. This marine plant, essential for the maintenance of the marine ecosystem, which is in danger of extinction, has a very high CO2 absorption capacity. This project seeks to offset carbon dioxide emissions in port environments and contribute to the restoration of this species and the preservation of biodiversity. The Oceanogràfic València Foundation and the Valenciaport Foundation are collaborating.

This solution was developed as part of Opentop’s 1st Incubation Program in response to the challenge launched by the organization “Towards the zero net emissions port”.

Canonical Green has developed the Green Navigation tool, a Google Maps of the sea. Green Navigation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing maritime routes according to the user’s needs. Whether you want sea travel to be faster, or safer, or perhaps more economical and environmentally friendly, your tool can find the ideal route for your vessel by intelligently using oceanographic conditions.

This solution adapts to each type of vessel to calculate its consumption, emissions and safety parameters. Then, weather forecasts (ocean currents, wind, waves) are downloaded and with optimization models based on artificial intelligence the best route by sea is found.

This solution was developed as part of Opentop’s 1st Acceleration Program in response to the challenge launched by the company Boluda Corporación Marítima to reduce its carbon footprint.

With this latest milestone, Opentop consolidates its activity once again and reinforces its commitment to the sustainability and profitability objectives of the startups that go through its program.

In the coming weeks the initiative will announce on its website a new call with new port logistics challenges for interested companies to choose to be part of it.

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