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Opentop hosts the 3rd PINsight event of the innovation hubs network created by Opentop, The PIER and homePORT

  • This meeting culminates the first cycle of PINsight sessions of the Port Innovators Network (PIN), of which The PIER (Halifax, Canada) and HomePORT (Hamburg, Germany) are also members
  • The Port Innovators Network (PIN) seeks to drive the adoption of innovation in the global port ecosystem

Valencia, April 26th 2024.– The last PINsight event of the Port Innovators Network (PIN), organized by Opentop in the Port of Valencia, took place last Wednesday afternoon, April 24.. The event wraps up the first cycle of sessions, organized by the three founding members, to boost innovation in the sector.

The Port Innovators Network (PIN) is a global network of innovation hubs for ports. The network aims to drive the adoption of innovation in the global port system by connecting communities of innovation hubs, such as startups, entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, universities and investors. Network members share innovative ideas, project results, innovation experiences, methodologies and best practices.

Following the success of the PINsight events, a new cycle of events will begin later this year with new speakers and collaborating companies. In the meantime, PIN will continue its activity to provide innovative tools and solutions to the logistics-port sector.

PINsight #3 by Opentop at the Port of Valencia

At the session this week, the PIN network was presented to the participating public, who joined in person and virtually, while connecting with the rest of the founding hubs to welcome everyone.

Two outstanding entrepreneurs shared their experience and projects with the audience, José Manuel Juan, CEO of Gandolapp, and Daniel Precioso Garcelán, COO & Lead Data Scientist at Canonical Green, both companies of the Opentop community. José presented from Opentop, and Daniel spoke from The PIER, in Halifax, where he is visiting, showing another example of collaboration between PIN hubs.

Gandolapp has developed a mobile application that serves as a virtual companion for truck drivers, leveraging voice technology to enhance their in-cab experience. It digitizes operations and streamlines communications through multilingual voice assistance, allowing drivers to interact using their own voice while automating external tasks during their journey. Through a visibility platform, logistics agents benefit from improved traceability, access to real-time status updates on the loading/unloading locations of their trucks and containers, and greater predictability regarding outbound/arrival traffic at ports or loading/unloading points. José gave a talk on “Intelligent Orchestration of Trucking Operations at Ports” during the conference.

Canonical Green is developing an online tool to help shipping companies decide the best route for their vessels. The tool takes into account weather forecasts and oceanographic conditions for cleaner, safer and more efficient shipping. It enables ships to reduce their fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, risks and voyage time. It is the Google Maps of the sea. Daniel presented the audience with a talk on “How data is optimizing shipping.”

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