The project’s main objective is the creation of a laboratory for advanced 5G and 6G applications for real-time digital twins in industrial and logistics environments.

As part of this project, Fundación Valenciaport will participate in the identification and definition of use cases, requirements and relevant KPIs for advanced 5G-IoT real-time digital twin applications for logistics environments in ports. This involves the planning and implementation of a test environment consisting of two areas of the port of Valencia, where the defined use cases will be executed and validated through pilots.

In addition, the Foundation will play the role of facilitator of access to the environments where the relevant advanced 5G-IoT tests, pilots and demonstrations will be carried out. These environments could include a port terminal and a land access area to the Port of Valencia site. As a result, dialogue with the terminals is included so that the use cases are as realistic as possible and so that the technologies can overcome or mitigate the problems or challenges exposed by the terminals.

For the implementation of this test environment, Fundación Valenciaport will provide all the necessary technical support in the deployment of the network infrastructure, Edge computing and the technological solutions developed to carry out the pilots and demonstrations associated with the use cases.

In this sense, the use cases detected are:

  • Identification of free spaces in the yard of a RoRo terminal through artificial intelligence applied to image recognition in real time, all through a 5G network and over the digital twin of the logistics area.
  • Improving the capabilities of port police patrol cars by equipping them with 360º PTZ cameras, which will be able to transmit HD video in real time to the police command centre. In addition, thanks to 5G technology and the digital twin modelled for the port, it will be possible to monitor the patrol car and manage alerts more quickly and efficiently.


Polytechnic University of Valencia(UPV)


CONTACT: Miguel Llop Chabrera
Director of Digital Transformation

Sede APV - Edificio III, Avda. del Muelle del Turia, s/n
46024, Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: +34 96 393 94 00


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