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This project provided support to the Colombian Ministry of Transport as it developed a Strategic Plan for Intermodal Transport Infrastructure. Based on modelling of transport supply and demand, the plan was intended to consolidate the country’s intermodal strategy and enable the scheduling of the long-term actions required.

Fundación Valenciaport collaborated with EPYPSA on the different development phases of this Strategic Plan:

  • Diagnostic analysis of the current situation: Diagnostic analysis of the main transport infrastructure plans and projects with a national and regional perspective, accounting for all transport modes.


  • Analysis of transport infrastructure supply and demand:
    • Inventory and overall diagnostic analysis of infrastructure by mode of transport (road, rail, sea, river, air, logistic platforms)
    • Analysis of logistics regions and projected demand (definition and characterization of 14 logistics regions)
    • Analysis of logistics corridors (definition and characterization of 17 corridors: structuring, 6 complementary and 2 access).


  • Transport model:
    • Development of a transport model involving all modes, taking into account the main scenarios according to the Development Plan and the 2010-2032 Transport Master Plan.
    • Four-stage model (generating and attracting freight; distribution; modal distribution; and allocation) that takes into account transport costs by mode, transit times, transfer costs, toll costs, modal exchange points, volumes of freight moved, etc.
    • Modelling a trend scenario and an intermodality scenario that involves the large-scale development of rail and river transport modes, accompanied by road and logistics infrastructure. This modelling exercise enables the analysis of intermodal transport potential, with emphasis on the new demands that may be generated by the mining and energy sector and the agro-industrial sector, as well as the new free trade agreements


  • Prioritization of infrastructure projects: Structuring and prioritizing a proposal for the development of short-, medium- and long-term transport infrastructure.


  • Formulation of the Strategic Plan for Intermodal infrastructure: Including the structuring and prioritization of projects as defined in the previous point, as well as the analysis of the main technical aspects, recommendations and guidelines required to develop the country’s main infrastructure projects in the period 2012-2032.


Colombian Ministry of Transport (EPYPSA subcontracted Fundación Valenciaport as a logistics expert)

DATE: October 2012 - June 2013

LOCATION: Colombia

CONTACT: José Andrés Giménez
Port Logistics Director

Sede APV - Edificio III, Avda. del Muelle del Turia, s/n · 46024, Valencia (Spain) · Tel.: +34 96 393 94 00


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