Valenciaport 2030 Strategic Plan

At the end of 2021, the Port Authority of Valencia resolved the tender to execute its Strategic Plan, winning the bid led by the international consultancy Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS) in which Fundación Valenciaport was integrated.

The methodological approach used to carry out the work was based on the principles of classic strategic planning and is summarised in the image below. The Fundación Valenciaport team was directly involved in all the stages and phases proposed.

In the first stage of the competitive diagnosis, an analysis of the initial situation of the APV and its three ports, as well as its main competitors and an analysis of the market situation and the current and future trends facing the maritime industry was carried out by the consultancy team and the Valencia Port Authority team. More than 50 companies and institutions relevant to the sector have contributed to this analysis.

Based on the results of the previous stage, the main elements that make up the strategic formulation have been developed, such as the mission, vision and values; the pillars and strategic objectives, which will be completed with the definition of the strategic projects and the Valenciaport Value proposition.

A distinguishing feature of the work carried out has been its highly participatory approach at all stages of the project, from personal interviews and consultations with experts in the diagnostic phase to the validation phase 3 itself.In this stage, through workshops and co-creation dynamics with the port community and stakeholders, the strategic proposal was presented and validated and specific initiatives were proposed for inclusion in the Action Plan. This stage of collaboration, which we led from the Fundación Valenciaport, had an enormous participation of the port community and stakeholders.

Finally, phase 4 involves the implementation of the objectives and initiatives proposed in the previous phases, which will be specified in an Action Plan establishing the specific projects to be implemented, as well as the timetable, budget and monitoring mechanisms to ensure the satisfactory achievement of the proposed objectives.


Port Authority of Valencia

DATE: May 2022 - June 2023

LOCATION: Valencia (Spain)

CONTACT: Amparo Mestre Alcover
Director of Market Intelligence

Sede APV - Edificio III, Avda. del Muelle del Turia, s/n
46024, Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: +34 96 393 94 00


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