POSEIDON – Propulsion Of Ships with E-Methanol In favour of the Decarbonisation Of Naval transport

The POSEIDON project aims to facilitate the use of e-methanol as e-fuel in shipping by demonstrating innovative solutions along the value chain steps:

  • Two complementary CO₂ valorisation routes – biogenic CO₂ from a biogas plant and industrial plant from a lime plant will be investigated.
  • A new hybrid power-to-e-methanol technology will be built and demonstrated within a test platform allowing to re-create real case studies conditions.
  • The produced e-fuel will be tested in 2- and 4-stroke engines at testing facilities and in a pilot boat in open sea to confirm its applicability.

In addition, the project will pave the way for the future deployment of e-methanol value chains in the port areas of Valencia and Thessaloniki. It will also create communities of collaboration and awareness on the potentials and benefits of renewable e-fuels, market studies and business modelling activities will be carried out to get a clear picture of the deployment potential at EU level.

To foster market uptake, an EU deployment roadmap and a replication tool will be developed to allow stakeholders to carry out their own pre-feasibility assessment.

To achieve all these results, the project will draw on the extensive experience of its 19 partners. The consortium consists of a well-balanced team of 8 industrial partners, 5 research partners, 2 business support organisations, 2 ports, 1 association and 1 public agency.

Likewise, an Advisory Board has been formed, made up of eight experts from companies in the maritime sector, such as Boluda Towage and pilots from the Port of Valencia.

The Fundación Valenciaport will lead the replicability and deployment strategy work package. Specifically, the Foundation will coordinate those tasks that contribute to the deployment of the e-methanol value chain at European level (through an analysis of the potential market in the maritime sector, development of a roadmap, etc.). In addition, it will also lead a use case between the Port of Valencia and the Pinedo Water Treatment Plant in order to facilitate the deployment of the e-methanol value chain at regional level in 2032.


Horizon Europe

DATE: September 2023 - August 2027


CONTACT: Josep Sanz Argent
Director of Energy Transition and Sustainability

Sede APV - Edificio III, Avda. del Muelle del Turia, s/n
46024, Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: +34 96 393 94 00



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